How Google Sheets Saved my Literature Class

This workshop is based on an article of the same name by Erick Sienna, which was published in the April 10, 2016 Digital Campus insert to the Chronicle of Higher Education. Sienna writes:
“What if, rather than banning technology from the learning environment, we could route it back in? Technology, culprit of so much mental absentia among millennials could actually deepen their presence in the classroom.”
He goes on to describe using technology, in this case Google Sheets, to effect deepening of student presence in the classroom, and to move them from lower-order to higher-order thinking - he even promises this can be done in 15 minutes! In this workshop we will examine his techniques and learn how to apply them not only to Literature classes, but to others as well.

Google Drive is a great set of tools to promote collaboration and facilitate editing and grading of documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Participants will learn the technical skills to use Slides, Sheets and Docs for  enhancement of student learning. We will discuss how to apply pedagogical best practices to implement effective assignments.

Google Maps can be used for many different projects in a variety of subject areas. Google Maps can help represent visuals in a way that traditional activities cannot, such as mapping locations found in literature and annotating historical sites. Participants will be shown all of the technical skills needed to integrate Google Maps into their courses.