Course Description: Chinese 101 is designed for those students who have no previous knowledge of Common Chinese. Students with previous Chinese learning are strongly suggested to take this course if the placement test score is below 500. The course will teach in a systematic way all aspects of the Chinese language: pinyin, standard pronunciation/intonation, basic grammar, character writing, and the development of speaking and reading skills. The course is in simplified characters, however complicated character writing is allowed. CHIN 101 and CHIN 105 are co-required.

Textbooks: 1. Practical Chinese Reader, Elementary Course: Book 1. Beijing Language Institute. Simplified Character Edition. (Traditional Character Edition can be purchased via “”)

2. Practical Chinese Reader I, Patterns and Exercises.
(Books are available at University Bookstore or at

Grades: Class attendance and performance and quizzes 20%
Attending class is VERY important at this stage of your language learning. Three class absences are permitted--you should save those days for family emergencies or sickness. After that, one point will be deducted from the grades assigned to class attendance and participation. If you miss 12 classes, you would not pass the course.

Tests (4) 32%
Homework (10) 20%
Final exam; written and oral 28%

There are NO make-ups for quizzes, tests, and exams.
Handing-in of homework late results in reducing grades.



The first day of class (Aug 29) and the last day of class (Dec 9) are going to be standard testing.

We are going to finish Lesson 18 in this book by the end of this semester.

The first 12 lessons concentrate on pinyin--the sound system of Chinese, along with basic Chinese characters and grammar. We will go fast with these 12 lessons finishing them in 7 weeks. Then starting with Lesson 13, we will cover one lesson a week.

Student Learning Outcomes:
• Master the pinyin system
• Recognize the tones
• Able to write the characters with correct stroke order
• Recognize all the Chinese characters learned
• Master (able to write from memory) 100 key Chinese Characters
• Grasp the basic sentence components (subject, predicate, object, attributive and adverbial) and parts of speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb and conjunction)
• Read the texts fluently
• Able to communicate using simple sentences (with most two verbs)