Welcome to the Drew writing studio! This course is a hands-on workshop that will enrich and support the learning you do in the Drew seminar. The learning goals of both courses are the same –to support your writing, critical thinking, reading, and presentation skills. More importantly, the courses share a common ethos as well. We are here to create community around the process you see described in the quote above: writing is about “deep and careful thinking” most of all, linked to a world of reading, talking, and working out ideas over time and in conversation with others. It is a very ACTIVE thing to do.

Coming together as a class of students from different DSEMs allows us to learn how to coach and critique one another in a supportive atmosphere. For this reason, active participation is a crucial course component. While you will all bring your own sense of your seminar professor's expectations (and your own), we will use these expectations to develop technical and artful strategies that work for you as a writer.