Course Description
Howard Thurman wrote, “Practice is theory realizing itself.” This first level course provides the learner with an introduction to the theory and methodology of Christian Education from a liberation perspective. Christian Education, for the purposes of this course, is the theory and practice (praxis or art) of nurturing faith for the liberation of all oppressed peoples. The cornerstone notions of the course are ubuntu and freedom. The African-centric notion of ubuntu means, in short - “I am because we are.” The course teaches that education is a practice of freedom and is best accomplished through and with the entire community for the purposes of justice and social transformation.

Course Objectives

To think new thoughts about old ideas concerning the confines of faith, societal norms, and the practices of teaching and learning in the church context.

To develop a better understanding of concepts, theories, methods, and resources for Christian Education from a liberatory perspective for use in the local church.

To identify and articulate those habits, practices and experiences of teaching which are life giving and life affirming.

To imagine new ways of challenging congregations and local communities to create projects of change toward justice and freedom.

To provide a foundation for upper level courses in Christian Education and other practical theologies.