A. This is the first semester of the third-year Chinese language class. While all aspects of the language learning are dealt with, reading comprehension and translation are stressed. The texts are mostly discussions on different aspects of Chinese culture.

B. In order to do well in this class, students should
1. not miss classes
2. finish all the assignments in time
3. participate actively in class discussions

Attending class is VERY important at this stage of your language learning. Three class absences are permitted--you should save those for family emergencies or sickness. After that, one point will be deducted from the grades assigned to class attendance. You could not pass the course if you miss 12 sessions.


C. The final grades are depending on the following factors:
1. homework (7) 21%
2. tests (7) 28%
3. class participation/quizzes 25%
4. presentation 10%
5. final exam 16%

D. The textbook:
Practical Chinese Reader III

E. The general lesson plans:

Standard testing will be on the first day of class (Aug 29) and the last day of class (Dec 9)

We are going to cover a lesson in two weeks—six meetings:

Meeting 1: new words should be studied before the class
Introduce new words

Meeting 2: quiz of vocab, read the text, translate some sentences
Meeting 3: continue with the text

Meeting 4: retell the text; translation; exercise on the text

Meeting 5: exercise on conversation

Meeting 6: exercise on phrases and the test

Being a Tutor: The students in this class are strongly encouraged to become student-tutors for Chinese.

F. Students Learning Outcomes:
• Fluency in intermediate level reading
• Consciously adjust to the 4 tones when speaking
• Able to use appropriate language to express requests, desires and needs in daily life
• Acquire the basic skills in passage translation, both from Chinese to English and vice versa
• Add about 200 new words which are of abstract concepts